IDIN blockchain is design for specificed-purpose to Self-Sovereign Identity.


Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and the accompanying DID Documents enable individuals to share abstract identifiers (DIDs) with an associated public key and a resolution end-point.

Cost Effective

IDIN launchs with the minimal amount of ecosystem debt in order to drive ecosystem costs down as low as possible. We charge low, stable fees that decrease as the network scales.


The design, governance and operation of IDIN Blockchain to provide users with maximum interoperability of their Identities, Public Data, and Private Data both within the network and with other external systems and networks.

Privacy by Design

IDIN Blockchain design by improve the fundamental aspect of data privacy and security. IDIN was architected and implemented with a GDPR-compliance intent for data privacy, using some unique techniques.

Based On Open Standards

Implementation of the proposed DID (Decentralized IDentifier) standard from the W3C Credentials Community Group and the Decentralized Identity Foundation. IDIN implemented with more than 10 emerging standards to enable true SSI.

Economic Sustainability

As the network scales, the marginal cost of using the ledger is expected to decrease even further. The primary goal of IDIN will be to ensure network stability for decades to come.



IDIN Blockchain is a global public utility for developers, individuals, enterprises and governments.


Developers can easily use IDIN platform to generate any kind of application that requires any kind of verification system.


IDIN is designed to put  the identity back to be controlled by the people. Individuals can aggregate digital credentials about themselves from various parties and decide how to use them.


Enterprises benefit from a cost-effective identity controller that is interoperable with anyone who uses Decentralized Identifiers. Organizations gain the ability to maintain customer and employee identity with easy method.


IDIN provides interoperable identity management infrastructure that enables citizens to connect with separate government services using the same digital credentials.


IDIN Blockchain can be used across industry of verification use cases.


What school you went to, what you studied and the results of your academic accomplishments carry a lot of underlying information about you. This information has a significant impact on things like career. Institution can issued any credential on the platform directly to you.


IDIN enables disparate entities across the healthcare system to exchange verifiable identity data. Physician licenses, digital prescriptions, and medical records are just a few examples of identity data that can be interoperably shared and verified.


IDIN Platform will reduce costs and increase efficiency in KYC, AML process. And reduce the huge amount of fraud that is caused by online transactions.

Supply Chain

Self-sovereign Identity will improve the efficiency of global supply chains. Organization can use IDIN platform to support faster clearing of goods through customs.


Most frauds in the world come from fake identities. IDIN platform also have authenication and authorization system that’s aim to decrease fake identity problem.


Governments can issue digital identifications such as driver’s licenses, passports, government IDs or voting IDs. Credentials are issued directly to citizens, enabling them to take control of their identities.

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